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Discourse and Discordance

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Discourse and Discordance


Recent Call for Papers

Call Deadline: 15-Sep-2014


Call for Papers:

We invite papers that are theoretically integrative or empirically grounded, on any aspect of discordance and similar phenomena. Questions to explore include but are not limited to: 

1) When does discordance occur and how does it become problematized or negotiated discursively?
2) How and when does a small difference or misunderstanding turn into an intensified and uncompromising conflict?
3) How does discordance become the trigger for the kind of metapragmatic discourse that characterizes contemporary sociocultural practices? 
4) Can we find linguistic, pragmatic, or sociocultural strategies for accordance? 

Panel presenters are encouraged to use different disciplinary approaches based on diverse language data. 

If you are interested in presenting a paper in this panel, please send your abstract (maximum 500 words, without including references and data) by September 15, 2014 to: mtakekuro@waseda.jp.


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