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Урок з предмету Англійська мова, домашнє читання

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Клас: 7-А

Тема: Home Reading, «The Lady with Two Umbrellas»

Мета уроку. Після проведеного уроку учні зможуть:

- послідовно переказувати середній за обсягом текст з допомогою поставлених вчителем питань (освітня мета);

- чітко та логічно викладати думки при відповіді на запитання за змістом тексту (освітня мета);

- покращити зв’язне усне мовлення та розвинути логічне мислення (розвиваюча мета);

- поглибити уявлення про англійську літературу та детективний жанр зокрема (виховна мета).

Тип уроку: комплексний.

Обладнання: підручник «Short Stories With Pleasure», роздатковий матеріал із завданнями.

Хід уроку

1. Організаційний момент, вітання (2 хв)

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! Glad to see you.

Pupils: Good morning, teacher!

T: How are you today? Is everything fine?

P: We are great and how are you?

T: I’m fine too. So, could you tell me who is absent today and should we wait for someone to come or not?

P: Today …. and …. are absent.

T: Then, if everything is good, we may start.

2. Мотивація навчальної діяльності (3 хв)

T: Today we have our Home Reading class during which you are going to learn how to retell a short story under the title «The Lady With Two Umbrellas». Before we start checking your home assignment I’d like you to look at the board and read this quotation: Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. Maybe somebody knows whom this quote belongs to?

P: It can be a Ukrainian proverb.

T: Unfortunately, it can’t. It belongs to Buddha. So, what do you think of it? Do you agree with this quote or not?

P: To my mind it is absolutely true that we can’t hide the truth because it always reveals.

T: Definitely! And we are coming closer to our text which is also connected with the finding out the truth.

3. Перевірка домашнього завдання (5 хв)

T: Well, who can remind me the home task for today?

P: For today we were to do ex.2 and ex.3 from our book.

T: Let’s see how you coped with the vocabulary of this text. Please, give me the Ukrainian equivalents for the following words...(перевірка вправ 2 та 3 з підручника).

4. Основна частина (30 хв)

Task 1.

T: Well done. Now, after little refreshment of your memory, I want you to look at the shits of paper, namely ex.1, and fill the gabs with the appropriate words from our text in writing. We are going to check it in 5 minutes. (Учні виконують вправу на розданих аркушах, потім перевіряють разом із вчителем.)

Task 2.

T: I see you really have prepared well for today, good job!

- We have revised the words we need for our retelling, and now I suggest you answering my questions concerning the plot of the story.

a) Where do the events of the story take place? – The events of the story take place in France, near the Spanish border.

b) Who is Tolozan? – Tolozan is a young promising detective.

c) Why should he search for suspicious people crossing the border? – He has received the information that one of them is taking gold out of the country.

d) The detective notices an old woman. What is strange with her visits to Spain? – She goes to Spain twice a week and returns the following day.

e) The old lady has no luggage but she always takes with her two objects. What are they and why does she need them for? – She always carries with her two umbrellas, one for good weather and the other for bad.

f) Why does the old lady attract a lot of attention at the custom office? - The lady attracts a lot of attention because she talks loudly telling everybody about her sick daughter who she has to visit.

g) Does the old lady tell the truth about her daughter? – Yes, the police have checked this information.

h) Why the detective is puzzled about those two umbrellas? – He notices that she carries a different pair of them. Sometimes an old blue one with a black handle, and sometimes a black one with a brown handle.

i) Tolozan orders two policemen to follow the old lady. What kind of news does he receive from them? – More experienced policeman says the lady may just distract their attention from someone else.

j) Why should the police inspect the stick of a young man? – They think he might hide gold coins in it.

k) Is the young man guilty? – No, he is innocent and just asked to take the stick to another man in Bilbao.

l) Who plays the most active role in the gold smuggling? – The old lady, with the colour of her umbrellas she shows the presence of gold in a walking stick and with her place in a queue she indicates the man carrying this stick.

Task 3. Great! We have finished retelling this story. Our last exercise for today requires your creativity. Look at your copies again, now we are dealing with ex. 2. Here we have 7 words and I suggest you writing down your own short detective story using all these words in a couple of sentences (учні пишуть твори, потім зачитують за бажанням на оцінку).

5. Підсумки уроку (5 хв)

T: Our lesson is coming to its end. Did you enjoy it?

P: Yes, it was good.

T: Could you tell me what have we learned today?

P: Today we have learned how to retell the text and how to compose our own.

T: You are right. I hope, after this class some of you will be inspired to read more detective stories or eventually will find out that he or she wants to be a writer. You were active enough during the lesson. Your marks for today are…

- If you have any questions, please ask. If no, put down the home task - ex. 5-9 after the text. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

Home reading exercises

Exercise 1.

Fill the gaps with the appropriate words and phrases from the box







taken out




1. The gold was _________________ of the country over the Spanish border.

2. He did the usual things – examined the _______________ of the ________________ who were going to cross the border and searched some _________________ people.

3. All was in vain - a steady stream of ___________ coins went through to Bilbao.

4. Detective thought that the old lady despite her _________________ might still be a criminal.

5. “If one’s attention is ______________ by an old _______________ woman, one may not __________ a young man with a ________________stick.

Exercise 2.

Make up a short detective story using all these words.

Suspicious victim innocent criminal to examine

to investigate luggage

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